Aerial Photography and Video

Aerial Photography and Video

Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design (CAMMD) has been registered with the FAA since December, 2015.

CAMMD uses the DJI Inspire series aircraft, taking Ultra-High Definition (4K) imagery. It is a state-of-the-art drone which utilizes GPS tracking and HD Wifi monitoring.

To view the world from above! Finally! Some things have to be seen to be believed. Ultra Hi Def Footage from a drone is one of those things.

There are some great uses for this service:

  • Inspections
  • Bird’s-eye view of Weddings
  • Unique real estate perspectives
  • Business locations
  • Outdoor events
  • Homes

If you fly a drone, fly often, but fly responsibly.

FAA drone restrictions

CAMMD has already registered with the FAA, and established communication with the Flight Standards District Office out of Charlotte, NC, and most of the regional and local airports. The idea is open communication between everyone involved in this new, unmanned technology. Meanwhile, Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design adheres to the follow rules while flying:

  • 400 ft height ceiling.
  • No shooting within close proximity of an airport.
  • No hovering over people.
  • Aircraft must maintain line-of-site at all times.

Different levels of Aerial photography/video service will be provided once the exemption status is achieved:

Tier 1

  • 10-15 aerial HD pictures, edited for richness.

Tier 2

  • 30 – 60 second clip 1080p at 60fps HD video

Tier 3

  • Both aerial pictures and video (combination of tier 1 and 2)

Aerial Video Options

  • Ambient (audio) field recording over video
  • Pictures (from tier 1 or 3) put into slide show for YouTube – client handles upload to youtube
  • YouTube channel creation (including responsive cover art)
  • Generic music (client picks from non-copyrighted music)
  • Custom soundtrack, non-orchestral, 1revision
  • Embed (slideshow / video) into WordPress site
  • Embed into other sites
  • Aerial and ground HD video combinations are priced per project