Search Engine Optimization Content

So many good things happening here at the CAMMD HQ that we’re enjoying our biggest year. Ever. One of the biggest issues we encounter when working with a new client is the initial written content gathering. It’s a big deal: this written content is what effectively speaks to the search engines and reveals (hopefully) that your services are relative to … Read More

Web Site Security

We never really talk about web site security. Folks who are my clients already know: Once a quarter, I backup your web site’s database, update the software and plugins used within the site, then backup the database again. This manual process is one of the best ways (IMO THE best) to safely keep your site running smoothly. But this last … Read More

This.Hickory Video Series – an aerial video

A video series about places and things only found in Hickory, North Carolina So last year, I was speaking to a friend of mine (we’ll call him Fred) who is a hiring manager for a company here in town. He was frustrated about the reply from a possible new employee who asked where the job was located. When Fred said, … Read More

Here Comes The New Star Wars!

The New Star Wars will arrive to theaters this Friday. So will the Commercial for The Center for Advanced Vein Care, shot by Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design! For the last several weeks, CAMMD has worked closely with Dr. Aaron D. Thompson and his accommodating staff to create a commercial that will be appearing at the Hickory Carmike Theaters … Read More

Let’s talk Web Redesign

Because Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design has received a six-month makeover! Yes, it’s true! Since May 2015, Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design has been silently adding TONS of new written content about its services. CAMMD was trying to update its Search Engine Optimization and to make sure is was compliant with the April 2015 release of Google’s Mobilegeddon, … Read More