Chad Austin Music and Audio

Can you feel what you can’t hear?

Imagine Star Wars, Mission Impossible, ET, Titanic – or any block buster movie without the music. No doubt about it: the music behind your video can sometimes make or break it with your audience.

Sometimes, just the simple capture of ambient sound at a location can bring your video to a whole new level: the sound of the waves crashing at the beach, the wind rustling the leaves in a tree, and even the sound of passing cars from a nearby highway.

At Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design, we can supply virtually any type of music that you may require for your background- from custom to royalty free. There is over 30 years of music production and engineering experience at your fingertips: massive experience that can create or help bring to fruition just about any style imaginable.

Custom Music is created within Salamander Studios, a subsidiary of Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design, and can output quality high enough for radio, streaming, TV or motion picture.


If you’ve already recorded music using a professional DAW (Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, etc), CAMMD can take your tracks and remix it. Sometimes, a fresh set of ears is all your need.


If you already mastered your music, Mastering can help add the polished, professional sound. However, it cannot ‘fix’ a bad performance.

  • custom-created theme-oriented songs for video
  • Album production
  • Field recording
  • Song production
  • Music analysis
  • Music beds
  • And much, much more