Contemporary Videography

Twenty-plus years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment allows Chad Austin, Inc., to offer a vast array of videography services to its clients. Contemporary videography techniques such as time lapse, hyper lapse, chronology lapse, motion-based filming, rail-based filming and more are also offered.

It’s all about getting that ‘wow’ factor shot for your clients.

A big ‘wow’ factor is the musical bed or score accompanying a video. The following video is an example of just how important music is to video. The music was written and composed in the style of the infamous Cinematic Composer John Williams (Jaws, ET, Harry Potter, and more).

Chad Austin Inc., is the ONLY company in North Carolina providing videography services that also offers custom music scores and audio to accompany its videos. Looking for jazz? No problem. Looking for orchestral scores? No problem. Looking for bigger-than-life cinematic scores? No problem. Chad Austin, Inc. can create it.

Chad Austin has been registered with the FAA since December, 2015, and holds a Part 107 UAV license for commercial flying.

CAMMD uses the DJI Inspire series aircraft, filming in Ultra-High Definition (4K). It is a state-of-the-art commercial drone (UAV) which utilizes GPS tracking, multiple camera lens and HD Wifi monitoring.

Feel free to browse through a few selections of Chad Austin’s work.