Chad Austin, Inc., is a Hickory, NC-based company for marketing, web design, online services, and a turnkey operation for all of your Media needs, like video, photography and audio.


Marketing is the strategy and measurement to get your brand or service noticed and trusted. Chad Austin, Inc., was the Official Marketing Company for the City of Hickory for the “Life. Well Crafted” campaign from 2012-2014.

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Web Design

Free Pro Photography for new clients!*

With 25 years of experience in web design, Chad Austin is one of the oldest and most experienced web developers in the country. Chad Austin works in WordPress for most web sites, but also uses 3D Cart for e-commerce.

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The only videography company in North Carolina that offers custom soundtracks, Chad Austin, Inc., films in glorious 4K, and offers standard video, motion video, and (licensed) aerial video. Also offered are time lapse, chronology lapse and hyper lapse techniques. Chad Austin, Inc., is the Official Videography Company for the City of Hickory, NC.

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Professional photography can make or break a presentation, whether it’s a power point or web site or high-gloss magazine ad. Chad Austin, Inc., also offers (licensed) aerial photography, in addition to standard photography, time lapse and hyper lapse techniques.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design covers print-based projects like business cards, menus, magazine and newspaper advertisements, posters and the like. Chad Austin, Inc., works directly with local printers to be able to give its clients the best option locally.

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Music / Audio

With 40 years making music, and 35 years as a song writer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer, Chad Austin offers custom soundtrack work in any style for video clients, whether it’s orchestral, Jazz, pop, folk, country or EDM.

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360 Tours

Like Google Maps? Imagine a tour of your facility in full 360 perspective- but with aerial 360 views as well as ground-based!

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Bringing Your Vision to the Forefront.

You have an idea.

You have a one-of-a-kind service.

Chad Austin can bring your ideas and services into a tangible state, whether through marketing strategy, or the tactical points used for a strategy: web design, graphic design, video, photography, music beds and more. Decades of Media Experience and Continued Education are at your disposal from the Chad Austin, Inc., media arsenal.

Moreover, the tools within these tactics are numerous. For example, Chad Austin doesn’t just offer standard 4K video, but other video tools are also available. Tools like (licensed) aerial video, time lapse, hyper lapse, chronology lapse filming and more. This means current video techniques are always available to you.

We also offer full branding and marketing campaigns, with the ability to provide any Touch Point imaginable.

Touch-points are the points of contact with your business audience. And there are many. Every instance your client base has to contact you, or come into contact with your product and services, is an opportunity to inscribe your brand into their memory. A few touch points examples are: