Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design

Web Design

Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design is a Hickory, NC-based company for web design, online services, and a turnkey operation for all of your Marketing needs.

Web Site Design, E-Commerce, E-Mail Marketing, Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management Systems, Web Hosting, Domains, Social Media and More web services- all in Hickory, NC, USA.

Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design has the privilege of experience in many web-related and media fields. Starting web development and web design when the Internet was mostly text-based, founder Chad Austin honed his skills early in Internet History, and has continued to expand the company’s skills and experiences.

All web sites built by Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design are 100% responsive design web sites.

Nowadays, your web site better be of responsive design because a large percentage of online surfers are access the web through their phone or tablet. While big monitors will be around for the long haul, your site needs to be presentable and view-able on many devices. Responsive design not only means view-able on any device, but functional on any device.

Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design uses the DJI Inspire Quad Copter to offer a bird’s-eye-view of the world and your business.

Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design offers Aerial and Drone Photography and VideoSometimes, all you need is a different perspective. Ultra Hi Def video and photographs for your business are just a few of the possibilities available with this amazing and state-of-the-art technology.

We also offer full branding and marketing campaigns, with the ability to provide any Touch Point imaginable.

Touch-points are the points of contact with your business audience. And there are many. Every instance your client base has to contact you, or come into contact with your product and services, is an opportunity to inscribe your brand into their memory. A few touch points examples are:

Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design can help your business accomplish all of these needs. Just give us a call at 828-381-7896, or email.