Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design offers marketing plans for products, services and brands. The focus is heavy with online advertising, like Facebook and Google- but it’s because the numbers are there. Some print publications can boast a million subscribers. But Facebook has an audience of 1.6 billion.

Tradional Marketing vs Targeted Marketing

The issues with traditional marketing, like the print medium (magazines and publications), is that it’s expensive, and when compared to the returns on investment with internet marketing, it just doesn’t compare. And even more, it’s very difficult – and sometimes impossible – to measure your success.

Internet marketing allows for target marketing, especially on Facebook. Here’s why: When people join Facebook they create a profile. The profile contains information about their age, sex, location and other basic details. But there’s more: over time, people on Facebook add to their profile ‘likes’: which is their approval stamp (Facebook version) on products, entertainment, sports, restaurants, services and more.

What this means is you can set-up ad campaigns that target women, between the ages of 35-55, who work professional jobs, and like Country Music, fishing and remote vacations.

To make this even more enticing, you can measure delivery of these ads, how many folks clicked on them and more. And if your ads point back to your web site or online presence, there are ways to measure the increase in traffic to validate the success of your campaign.

You can still do print advertising

This pro-online advertising idea does not mean Print is completely dead. There are still practical needs for the print medium. It’s just that now, you can get a whole lot more bang for your buck. Measurable bang. Sometimes a combination of the two works well.

Campaigns are generally set-up as 3, 6, 9 and 12 month campaigns, although single, one-time event campaigns can be managed as well. Let Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design manage your next marketing campaign!