Logo Development

The start of your identity.

You work so hard to protect your logo- and you should work equally hard to create it. Logo design is not a set-and-forget process. A logo should be thought of in all of its possible uses: web site, letterhead, t-shirts, posters, etc. And thought should be given to how your logo will translate across different mediums and backgrounds. Some logos work fine in high resolution print, for exmaple, but too complicated for an embroidered hat or newspaper print.

Chad Austin, Inc., (CAI) will work with your company one-on-one to create that design that speaks about your business. The process is a serious one-on-one protocol that requires constant communication back-and-forth between CAMMD and you. Without this dialog, you cannot hope to find your Holy Grail.

When a logo is developed for you by CAI, you will receive your logo in color and black-and-white, and against a dark background and light background (see figure below). This will insure low surprises in practical future usage.

Chad Austin, Inc., - logo versions
Chad Austin Inc creates the best logos in Hickory, North Carolina