Branding is the creation of an ideology and identity that centers on a logo and service/product – and maybe a tagline – to attract potential new customers, and to help create brand of trust among its consumer base.

Branding is not marketing, per se, as marketing is what you do after your branding is in place. Branding is your identity. It’s the familiar face you strongly craft so people will recognize your company. Its purpose is to make your customers loyal, and have them become cheerleaders for your company long after the marketing initiative is over.

Branding usually has an accompanying Media Kit or Brand Print / Media Guide so any use of the logo and its identity will have to conform to the rules of consistency. The media kit not only covers logo usage, but email signatures, stationary, business cards, and any touch-point you can imagine. Here’s a sample of a Brand Print Guide concerning a logo:

Chad Austin Marketing Brand Print Guide