Web Site Redesign

Web site design and web site redesign are the almost the same thing, except: redesign means there is already an existing site from which to compare.

Take a read through the FAQ below to find out more about Chad Austin’s web site redesign services.

What is Site Redesign?

Site redesign is the process of analyzing your current site, noting any short-comings in past visitor experiences, realizing the absence of newer technologies, and implementing new interactive features for future visitors.

Redesigning a web site can and often does include an aesthetic makeover. Sometimes, site redesign part of an entire re-branding initiative.

Regardless, web site redesign is a job done above and below the hood.

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How often should I redesign my site?

Short answer: every 3 years.

Longer answer: Technologies change; some even become obsolete. Even HTML code has had its own make-over in the last several years – meaning the Browsers folks use have changed, too.

The Internet is constantly changing. And the technologies to bring a richer user experience is growing and growing. Web development companies, like Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design, have a responsibility to keep up with these changes for its clients.

There’s a great article about the frequency of site redesign by Spinweb’s Michael Reynolds, if you’re interested in reading further.

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But the web site we’ve have now has been working for us for years just fine.

Needing a redesign is not to say you don’t already have a functioning site. But if you have a site that is older than three years old, chances are the technology used to create – and even display – your site and its content is becoming obsolete.

If you had a site built before the 2nd quarter of 2009, when the iPad was released, then your site is already out-of-date as it was not created for a responsive user experience- in other words, people using smart phones and tablets are seeing your site in a way neither you nor your developer intended. What’s more, in many, many cases, visitors using these newer devices are probably having difficulty navigating, filling out forms, emailing. This frustration can deter visitors from returning to your site.

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Does a web site redesign cost more or less than having a web site built for the first time?

That’s a legit but difficult question to answer. The ambiguity owes to the fact that 1), every web site is different, and, 2), the redesign might incoude an overhaul job with new interactive features not included or available since your original design.

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We just want something simple.

This is probably the most common statement from potential clients.

Proficient developers have a fundamental duty to analyze your content and arrange it in such a way to provide the best user experience.

That being said, it’s not always the easiest task.

For example, look at the iPod (remember the music player?). Not only was it a huge hit for Apple, it helped carve the Apple ideology for a simple user interface.

It also took 3 years of research and development. Read here for the history of the iPod, if you’re interested.

The point is that keeping it simple sometimes is the most difficult task.

But it’s also the most rewarding.

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