Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design Production Services

The design and development services offered by Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design encompass a vast array of tools to meet just about every need.


Marketing is the practice and management of promoting a brand, product or service. It also involves market exploration (finding your demographics) and follow-through advertising based upon the research done.

While traditional methods can and will be used, the more recent methodology of online “target marketing” has been showing the best Return On Investment, or ROI, simply because tangible goals and results can be defined and measured.

  • Branding
  • Re-branding
  • Online Advertising
  • Target Marketing
  • Media Kits / Brand Guides

Online Services

This is a broad spectrum of services pertaining to any service rendered online. Whether it’s needing cheap domains, web site design, hosting, search engine optimization, e-commerce- if it applies to the Internet, it is an online service.

Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design has spent 2 decades working with online services, having started when the Internet was mainly text-based. This experience has helped give CAMMD the unique perspective of participating in the growth of Internet technology into the vast array of online tools available today.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design usually pertains to the medium of print- although many times graphic design is used in web design and other mediums as well. Print needs, in this case, are tangible products like business cards, logo design, brochures, menus, publications, and more.

Graphic Design is also associated with Printing Needs, however, Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design does not own a printing facility. Instead, CAMMD has forged close relationships with companies that provide these services.

Video Services

The video services offered by Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design covers a wide spectrum of choices, from aerial to standard and from YouTube™ to HDTV. Everything is filmed in HD1080 60fps, so the quality is breathtaking. CAMMD strives for a high cinematography look, so your video will stand out from other videos.

Audio Services

Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design offers custom music beds, field recording, video supplement and full audio production to help compliment any production you can imagine. Over 30 years of music creation, orchestration, production and engineering are available to you here.