Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design offers Strategic Marketing Services

Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design Strategic ideasHaving a strategy for your company is imperative to your success. Strategy does not just apply to your services or products. It’s applicable to your brand recognition and getting your brand of the right people. Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design can help you brainstorm and develop goals and strategic services designed for success.

In-Person Consultation

This is where it all starts: discussion and communication. Good communication is essential for a successful strategy. Read more about consulting here.


Branding is the identity focus. It’s not just your logo: it’s the guiding rules for how and when to use your logo and the brand it represents. This process is an intense concentration on identity creation and implementation. Read more about Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design’s Branding Services here.


Marketing is the guided act of putting your branded services and / or products in front of the people who desire those services and products. Today’s online Target Marketing allows for amazingly direct audiences and some very sophisticated ways to measure marketing success. Read more about the marketing services of CAMMD here.