Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design offers Domain Registration.


Looking to purchase new domains for your online business or services? Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design offers domain registration for Hickory, North Carolina residents, as well as the surrounding cities like Lenoir, Newton, Conover, Hildebran, Icard, Morganton, Lincolnton, Maiden and beyond. While CAMMD is licensed to sell domains in the Greater Hickory Area, anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to register here.

Should we get more than one domain for our web site?

While there is no current SEO advantage to having multiple domains for one site, there are circumstances in which your company might want to obtain other domains:

  • To weed out competitors from obtaining similar domains. For example, Chad Austin Marketing and Media Design owns, and
  • Have multiple domains pointing to different pages within your site. To make this work effectively, you actually have more than one site built, but your aesthetics and branding still remain consistent, and to the visitor, they are still navigating through the same site. The big bonus here is the added SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, because there is possible traffic between the two separate sites. And that is something Google and Bing like a lot. This is also called a “Networked Sites” solution.

What’s the difference between a “.net,” “.com” or a “.org,” and what else is available?

No, there is no difference between a “.com” or “.net” or any other domain extension. It is purely a matter of prefernce… at least, until recently…

New domain extensions, often called “gTLD’s” or “Top Level Domains”, are now available. Top Level Domains work like a regular .com extension, but instead of “.com”, you might choose something like “.service” or “.church,” depend on what you want and what’s available.

These can be very handy for marketing and Search Engine Optimization. For example, a hair salon named “Joe’s Hair” might want to think about getting if that domain extension was available. For the first time, what comes after the ‘dot’ makes a difference.

So what are these newer domain extensions?

Take a look at the table below. Or search for your specific domain of any kind here.

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